Q-Dir: Quad Explorer replacement freeware for Windows

Are you one of those people who keep multiple Windows explorer open to move files around to organize you files and folders in a better way then Q-Dir is for you. Q-Dir is a Quad Explorer, based on Windows Explorer which basically give you quad-view of files on your explorer. It’s not just quad-view,but it will let you browse files in four different locations at the same time.

Windows File Explorer replacement

Q Dir1 600x392 Q Dir: Quad Explorer replacement freeware for Windows
When you first install the freeware, you can choose if you want a installed version or portable version. If you are using an older version of Windows such as Windows XP or Windows Vista, you need to extract the setup first from the zip file, and then install it. Since it has a portable version, it makes it easier to test the application without worrying out files and entries going into the registry or any other locations. Also for people who like to carry some useful utilities in their USB, Q-Dir will be an excellent addition.
When we talk about the look and feel of the application, Q-Dir is customizable in  many ways without losing the essence of traditional Windows explorer. When I say it doesn’t lose the essence of Windows explorer, what I mean is that the icons, the context menu etc., are the same so you won’t feel like you are working in a completely different environment. Since you have the quad-view, you have a lot of real-estate to work with and there are different views you can choose like Quad View, 3-Dir, 2-Dir, 4 tile Vertically, 3 tile Vertically, 4 tile Horizontally, etc.
Q Dir2 Q Dir: Quad Explorer replacement freeware for Windows
There is a RUN button which has a couple of Windows utilities embedded into it like Regedit, Notepad, DxDiag etc. Look at the screenshot to see the complete list of shortcuts available.
Q Dir 3 600x506 Q Dir: Quad Explorer replacement freeware for Windows
The best part of this feature is that it’s completely customizable. Go to the Extras menu and click on More options. You’ll get the options screen where you can define you own shortcut programs, it can be either an EXE or a Batch file. So if you are a System Administrator, IT Pro or just a power-user, this option can be extremely handy.
This is just a tip of the iceberg. There are a lot more options like the ability to export the list of file name with size and other info from the explorer to a text file. Also, you have the ability to print the current view it’s a really neat way. Most the view related options can be found under the Extras menu like the default view of Q-Dir, then Tree view, List view options etc.
To conclude, Q-Dir is a neat little application which is extremely  useful with very less footprint. If you are looking for an explorer replacement, you should test Q-Dir out. Compared to the other Windows explorer replacement and alternatives,it is able to stand pretty well.

Q-Dir free download

You can download Q-Dir from here.