Modded Graphic Drivers for intel


Coming soon
Sherry is a modded driver for intel which will increase performance by 10 times and it also makes intel compatible with enb.

sherry 1.3, all the future release will be minor release in terms of bugfixes and features add-on. For example, if there are bugs that have been fix, the fix will be release in format of Sherry 1.3.x, where "x" will be the build number. Any major release will be notice also but I'll doubt I'll do anything major after this.

Also, unfortunately for today, only 945 (G,GM,GL,GZ and etc, mainstream GMA950) 32bit version will be release, other planned version that should release today will be postponed to 1st or 2nd June 2011, that includes Sherry 1.3 for 965 (32bit and 64bit) and Sherry 1.3 for 945 (64bit). Sorry for the inconvenience, but minor testing required for the versions mentioned.

Please note that Sherry 1.3 will not enable users to play Call of Duty 4, and I know, as I also disappointed by that but Intel admit that GMA950 does not support vertex shader 3, as it said here. So I will look for another way to enable pure Vertex Shader emulation later on.

Whats new

  • Flickering is finally fix :D
  • WebGL now works with Firefox, Chrome and IE
  • Slight improvements on gaming performance
  • Video performance increase although 1080p videos still stuttering (mostly because of Atom CPU)
Do note that this release is just a beta release aimed to see compatibility issue fixes compared to 1.3.x version which cause problems such as screen flickering and slow performance on some GME/GSE machine. Hopefully with users feedback and information on this release, I will be able to fix several issues while increasing the performance where possible without messing the stability and usability.
Here’s some of the features included :
  • Some 1.3.1 features enabled for GME/GSE chipsets
  • WebGL enabled For FF, Chrome and IE
  • Some 1.3.2 features enabled as extras
  • Video rendering improvements, though 1080p still struggles mostly because of CPU


  1. It is not workin for 64 bit,Plz do not cheat others...

  2. We are not cheating you.
    Please check your Graphic card it should be intel.
    AND not all Intel Graphic card are supported.64 BIT IS not updated still has a few issues.


    Thank you
    Visit Again ;)

  3. Then you can upload x86 bit and delete the x64 bit link...

    1. As my partner said you can check the current updates in :

      They will upload it in the mediafire and the mediafire will delete it; and we will provide you with the new un-deleted link.

      Thank you,
      VISIT AGAIN...

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