Windows 8 shows 100% Disk Usage fix it

Earlier we have discussed about high CPU usage on Windows 8 even though the system is sitting idle. In this tutorial we will be discussing about how to prevent 100% disk usage on Windows 8. Many users out there have been facing this common problem with Windows 8 associated with other issues like explorer hangs and freeze, etc. We have come up with some possible fixes to resolve high disk usage on Windows 8.
fix high disk usage windows 8

On system startup or while the system is running, suddenly your explorer freezes or hangs, on opening task manager after regaining freeze, you find that disk usage is risen up to 100%. There may or may not be much processes running on the system but still you get 100% disk usage or disk spaces are counterfeited and you are completely helpless. Here are some possible fixes to resolve high disk usage or 100 % disk space on Windows 8.
disk usage windows8
At times user using processes of only 0 MB – 0.1MB but disk usage showed up to 100% and also accompanies frequent hangs and freeze. However there can be several reasons causing this kind of issue.
  • Run a disk cleaner or Install CCleaner to remove all obsolete, junk files and registry entries on the system. This not only allocates space on hard disk but also optimizes your PC.
  • Open task manager and look for the processes rising up the disk usage. End the process and see if this decreases the disk usage.
  • Open command prompt with Admin rights using Windows + X power user menu and type in sfc/scannow and hit enter. This will run a system file checker on the system to replace or fix any corrupted system files. See if this helps in lowering the disk usage.
  • Uninstall Anti-virus other than MSE and reboot your system. Sometimes AV can cause issues with high disk usage on Windows 8.
  • Run a full system scan using Windows defender. Windows defender is the default AV for Windows 8.
  • Open search charm and type in indexing options. From the results in the left pane, open it. Next, go to the first tab of the window that opens under the Settings category. Now, remove everything from the list and reboot your PC.
  • Try disabling your DVD drive. Open Device Manager and disable the driver for DVD and reboot your system. At times DVD drivers causes high disk usage problem.
  • Update all the system drivers on Windows 8. Outdated drivers can create a lot of issues on Windows 8, so make sure that your system is always updated with drivers of latest version.
Hopefully, the fixes described above in the tutorial help you fix the issues with high CPU usage on Windows 8.